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Advantech Satellite Networks offers a variety of networked (hub-spoke) and SCPC satellite modems for military, defense, homeland security and governmental uses.


ASAT II™ System is a multiservice VSAT network uniquely allowing operating complex and diverse services all on the same shared platform, generating satellite bandwidth OPEX savings, especially for targeted missions as required by military and governmental uses. ASAT II™ System easily serves routine facility connectivity missions along-side high-priority special and high bandwidth missions. ASAT II™ WaveSwitch™ technology allows on the fly waveform switching between low-footprint MF-TDMA connectivity and high-throughput dedicated SCPC links required for applications such as C4 video streaming from field-deployed troops, UAVs and land-mobile vehicles to command centers. The ability to share satellite resources between routine connectivity needs and special missions is a key OPEX savings factor for modern and connected defense organizations.


Advantech Satellite Networks also offers a lineup of SCPC modems including models specifically designed for military applications, supporting common military interfaces and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).