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Advantech Satellite Networks offers networked (hub-spoke) and SCPC satellite modems for military and commercial SATCOM-on-theMove (SOTM) appications.


ASAT II™ System is a multiservice VSAT network uniquely allowing operating complex and diverse services all on the same shared platform, generating satellite bandwidth OPEX savings. SOTM applications, especially those based on flat-panel-antennas or electronically-steerable-antennas, tend to consume large satellite bandwidth. Using WaveSwitch™ technology,  ASAT II™ System allows serving fixed VSAT sites along mobile sites in a very efficient manner. Allocating bandwidth on demand for a wide range if uses – from thin connection maintenance only, through always-on broadband-connected fixed sites and bursty or continuously-connected mobile sites for military command and control, commercial maritime or mass-passenger transportation platforms such as public transportation or cruise ships.


Advantech Satellite Networks also offers SCPC modems including models specifically designed for SATCOM-on-the-Move applications including Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) support.