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ASAT™ System – Enterprise Series VSATs

VSAT Routers for Prosumer, Enterprise and Corporate Connectivity.


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The Advantech Satellite Networks ASAT II™ Enterprise Series VSAT Routers are high-performance appliances featuring the full set of networking features for enterprise and corporate environment connectivity. The VSATs feature enterprise-grade security capabilities such as VLAN support, IPSec VPN and routing protocols to support prosumer to large-scale branch office connectivity.

The Enterprise Series VSAT Routers support ultra-fast download and upload speeds, TCP/IP and HTTP acceleration, user traffic compression and reach QoS capabilities for true broadband connectivity to remote offices, optimized for the next-generation High-Throughput-Satellite (HTS) systems.


Features and Benefits

Enterprise Series VSAT Routers support the ASAT II™ System features:

  • Support for wideband DVB-S2X Forward Link providing great spectral efficiency gains. ACM and highly granular MODCODs specifically allow for prosumer and enterprise markets such as broadband satellite Internet services
  • RCSX™ enhanced DVB-RCS2 / RCS MF-TDMA, ASCPC™ near-SCPC
    MF-TDMA and SCPC Return Link allow for efficient satellite bandwidth usage and faster upload speeds
  • ASAT II™ 3D BoD™ and WaveSwitch™ technologies provides even higher spectral-efficiency and network-utilization, with automatic and seamless RCS MF-TDMA and ASCPC™ waveforms switching. 3D BoD™ and WaveSwitch™ optimizes terminal spectral efficiency and network-wide utilization based on SLA, real-time demand and traffic density, providing near-SCPC efficiencies for all applications
  • Enterprise Series terminals also supports SCPC Return Link with the hub, allowing flexible deployment and network growth. Enterprise terminals may be switched remotely between SCPC and RCS MF-TDMA/ASCPC™ when site or network needs changes