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ASAT™ System – Ultimate Series VSATs

Ultimate Series VSAT Routers for Professional Cellular and Telecom, Mobility and Military-Grade Applications

The Advantech Satellite Networks ASAT II System Ultimate Series VSATs are specifically designed for the most demanding professional, telecomm, defense, government and military satellite connectivity needs. The VSATs are offered as either rack-mountable or outdoor ruggedized options for easy deployment in a variety of applications.


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Ultimate Series VSAT Routers – Features and Benefits

  • Point-to-point and hub-spoke capable, allowing gradual deployment growth
  • High performance wideband DVB-S2X and DVB-S2 Forward Link
  • Strong and versatile RCSX™ Return Link capabilities  including DVB-RCS2 / RCS MF-TDMA, ASCPC™ and DVB-S2X / S2 SCPC waveforms
  • 3D BoD™ and WaveSwitch™ allowing true on-the-fly and automatic switching between all three Return Link waveforms
  • Security options including IPSec VPN support, accelerated VPN and government-grade security options
  • Suitable for most demanding environments with rack-mountable or outdoor weather-proof / MIL-grade options
  • On-the-pause and on-the-move mobile applications support with OpenAMIP antenna integration
  • U7400 provides perfect match with cellular backhaul and trunk applications with 3G/4G/LTE and 5G-ready GTP acceleration, 2G A-bis / A-Ter acceleration and optional E1 interface
  • U9000 provides open computing platform for open-RAN MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) for value added services for LTE/5G or edge Industrial IoT processing


Ultimate Series VSAT Routers – Telecom Workhorse

The U7400 is designed to meet most demanding telecom and professional needs. Available for deployment in various environments:

  • Indoor 19” rack-mountable
  • Weatherized outdoor
  • Military grade outdoor

The VSAT Routers provide built-in PEP (Performance Enhancing Proxy) providing transparent user experience acceleration as well as optimizing and compressing to conserve satellite bandwidth usage. The Advantech Satellite Networks PEP engine optimizes the link in both point-to-point SCPC deployments and in hub-spoke mode.

The VSAT Routers feature strong security features including government-grade encryption (in supported models), VLAN and IPSec VPN support.

Ultimate Series VSATs support ASAT II™ RCSX™ Return Link and WaveSwitch™ 3-waveform – RCS MF-TDMA, ASCPC™ and SCPC – seamless adaptation, makes them highly suitable for high-end applications usage such as:

  • Video contribution
  • Security and surveillance
  • High volume IP trunking
  • Critical communications backup links
  • Cellular backhaul

Real-time waveform switching provides real savings for applications seeing drastic traffic density changes such as cellular backhaul and trunk.

Ultimate Series VSATs support both point-to-point SCPC connectivity as well as hub-spoke RCS MF-TDMA, ASCPC™ and SCPC including optional mesh overlay connectivity, with built-in support for mobility and maritime OpenAMIP antenna integration.